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The lead battery is 19lbs & has a lifespan up to 300 charges & a new replacement lead is $85.00 + tax & shipping. Power: 12V, 33 Ah, Average charge time: 4-6 hours, Input: 100/240V AC. **Note that your lead battery needs to be charged after every round.

The lithium battery is 4lbs & has a lifespan up to 700 charges & a new replacement lithium is $285.00 + tax & shipping. Power: 12V, 20 Ah, Average charge time: 4-6 hours, Input: 100/240V AC.

Your lithium battery is good for 2 rounds of golf before charging. (under normal conditions)

Shipping for 1 unit is $59.99. Each additional unit will ship for $29.99 + tax (i.e. 1 unit ships for $59.99 + tax, 2 units ship for $89.98 + tax total).

And yes you can pick up. We have a Western & an Eastern distribution warehouse (both have units on display & units in stock);

Western: Unit 112, 19097 - 26 Ave., Surrey, BC, PH: 604 542 1288 (M-F 8am to 4pm PST)

Eastern: Caddydriver c/o GTA Electronics #1, 7331 Bramalea Rd., Mississauga, ON, PH: 1 877 522 1288 (M-F 11am to 7pm)

*Note that the Mississauga facility does not process payments. If you would like to purchase a unit please call us toll free at 1 877 522 1288. We will process your payment and release the unit of your choice within 10 minutes.

Yes you can control the speed of your cart on a hill, whether that is going up or going down. On very steep hills keep your cart pointing down the hill and use your RC (remote control) to slow or stop your cart.

Ensure the charger is Red(charging) when charging initiates - otherwise disconnect. Once the charger changes from red to green, disconnect the battery from the charger(within a few hrs, or the next morning if the charger was still red the night before).

During the off-season, charge the lithium battery every 8-10 weeks and the lead battery every 6 weeks(always charge the batteries Red-to-green-then disconnect the battery from the charger).

If the battery remains connected to the charger once charged for more than 8 hrs, the battery will go through charging cycles which will limit the rounds of golf the battery could have provided otherwise.

See our User Manual under the Support tab for more information.

Yes, there is a dial throttle on the handle that will control the speed manually (rather than using the remote control). This manual control will allow you to walk beside your cart in areas like bridges or close to ponds and lakes.

We can replace it. The cost is $29.99 + tax and shipping (if required). You will need to re-sync your new remote to your unit.

To order a remote, please call 1 877 522 1288 M-F 11am to 7pm EST(8am to 4pm PST).

If your remote is not working, you simply may need new fresh batteries in the remote. If the Remote is "ON"(button on the right side of the remote is up/forward) but the red light on the top of the remote does not display when the buttons on the remote are pressed, then you likley need new fresh batteries.

If the Red light on the remote does display but the remote does not control the cart, then you may need to re-sync, here are the instructions;

Please ensure the remote is turned “ON” (slide button on the right side) and also ensure that the cart power button is "OFF", but the battery is connected.

Press & hold the stop button on the remote (the red light on the remote should be on).

While holding the stop button on the remote, simultaneously press & hold the power button on the handle. The lights on the handle will “blink” 4 times then will stop blinking. Release both buttons. Your remote has now been re-synced!

Under normal conditions your CADDYDRIVER will not be damaged by rain.

When you hook up your battery on the cart please ensure that the inside of the round, silver receptacle is dry. If there is moisture in the receptacle and you plug the battery into it, you can damage your battery. The battery in this case will not be covered under warranty.

As well, puddles or ponds on the golf course, if driven through, may damage the battery and or the controller. Once again, these may not be covered under the warranty.

Adjust the small dials on the front wheel as follows:

Cart Tracks Left: turn both dials down.

Cart Tracks Right: turn both dials up.

* in some cases you may need to loosen the bolts on each side a minor amount using an allen wrench / hex keys (not included). This will allow free movement of the axle.

See our video under SUPPORT.