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Gregory W., Union, ON

My wife purchased her Caddydriver at the beginning of this golf season and she loves it! We play at the St. Thomas Golf and Country Club, a very hilly Stanley Thompson beauty and the Caddydriver performs admirably! Lithium battery is awesome, light weight and charges quickly. Unit is light weight and folds up easily. Best part of my wife's new Caddydriver is that she lets me use her cart on the days she is not playing and I love it! Will be getting myself a Christmas present soon, a new Caddydriver for me!

Laura C., Calgary, AB

My new home course has 111m of walking elevation and pushing a cart was cumbersome. Recently purchased a Caddy Driver lithium battery cart at the recommendation of a friend who has one. It came within a week and was easy to put together.  My husband has a different brand cart and I can barely lift it.  But I can easily manage to fold down the Caddy Driver in two easy steps and lift it into my car.  The battery charges quickly and is easy to hook up on the cart. After a few uses, however, I had an issue with my hand remote not working.  I assumed it needed new batteries but that did not remedy the situation.  An email to Caddy Driver was answered promptly and they sent me free of any charge, shipping or delivery - a new remote.   I would not hesitate to recommend a purchase or their product or sales/service departments.


Patrick P., Battleford, SK 

I purchased the Caddy driver this summer. I have played many games with it and it works great. This is very much worth the money and it is a great design.


Bernard D, QC

I received my CaddyDriver after several weeks of waiting (of which I was notified at the beginning so no surprise on this side) but the wait was worth the cost. I have been using it for several rounds of golf and I am delighted with my purchase. Works perfectly, it reacts quickly to the remote control, very fast if you want to. At the moment nothing negative, I had questions and customer service responds very quickly. I would definitely recommend it!

J'ai reçu mon CaddyDriver après plusieurs semaines d'attente (dont j'étais avisé au départ donc pas de surprise de ce côté ) mais l'attente valait le coût. Je l'utilise depuis plusieurs rondes de golf et je suis enchanté de mon achat. Fonctionne parfaitement, il réagit rapidement à la télécommande, très rapide si on le veut. Pour le moment rien de négatif, j'ai eu des questions et le service à la clientèle répond très rapidement. Je vous le recommande sans hésiter!


Craig P, Victoria, BC

I initially bought my Caddydriver in March 2020 and after a few weeks, I found that the cart would only work properly when it was within 40 yards of the remote. I contacted Caddydriver and after discussing the problem with them, they decided that it was probably the receiver on the cart. They had the cart picked up and returned it to me in about 5 days and it has worked really well for the past 2 years with no problems at all. Another great thing about the Caddydriver is the Lithium battery. Many times I have forgotten to charge the battery and I have always gotten a second 18 holes, (on a very hilly course), with no problem. I ❤ my Caddydriver!!


Ken R., Victoria, BC

I have over a 100 rounds of golf with my Caddydriver this year and it has been great. It gets up and down all the hills, rain or shine. The lithium battery easily goes 36 holes per charge and takes about 3 ½ hours to charge. It has allowed me to enjoy walking the course at a good pace.
Thanks, Ken


Ron F., Ottawa, ON

Just received my CaddyDriver. It took about 15 minutes to assemble the unit and all of the accessories. I used it the next day. It is a life changer. Certain physical ailments have not allowed me to push my clubs, so driving an electric cart was a necessity. Until now. The remote control and the cart do all the work with the CaddyDriver. I’m back to getting exercise when I play now, because I can walk the course again.
Some interesting comments from friends are that it comes with all the accessories you need. You aren't paying extra for drink holder, umbrella holder, seat etc. These things are often $40-60 extras, and it adds up. The CaddyDriver stacks up against any $2,000 unit out there, and it’s half the price.


François R, QC

 I have been using the caddydriver for 1 year now, it is a simply great electric pull cart. I had shopped before finding this cart on the internet and the prices for an electric cart with remote controller were very expensive. I found that the Caddydriver was really not expensive and I told myself that I did not have much to lose, in the end it was my best choice. The ground where I play has a good side and he climbs them without problem. With a full charge, I do 2 x 18 holes without problem and almost 3. When I did the test, the battery was discharged after 16 holes of the 3rd 18. If ever it were to break it is certain that I'm going to buy myself another one. I can't do without it anymore.Thanks to the whole Caddydriver team. I had a breakage to date and it is a pine on the hubs of the wheel which causes the wheel to spin in a vacuum and the cart no longer spins. Customer service sent me another one that I was able to replace easily. The after-sales service is as exceptional as the cart.


Travis W

Just played first round with it and I love it. Couple of steep hills on my home course and it makes it so much better not having to push a cart. Good power and fairly easy to control. Still showing green battery light, so should be good for another round easy with the lithium battery. I'm gonna have to adjust it a bit as it pulls to the right just a little....other than that it's great!


Judy B., Courtenay, BC

I got my caddy driver two days ago and I am extremely happy with my purchase. Very quick delivery and great customer service. I used the cart yesterday and it is great. So much more responsive than my old unit and lighter and smaller as well. I am recommending this to my friends that golf. Great deal for the money!!


Liette B. 😊, Laval, QC

I bought my cart last year and still love it enjoy it everyday this year. I want also to mention the service after sale is just perfect. Tony always answer to your questions and return your call. I would certainly recommend to anyone to buy this cart which for me is a very good buy for your money!


Karen A. London, ON

After extensive research, we decided to purchase a Caddydriver with a Lithium Battery.  We chose this particular model because it checked all the boxes:  folds up easily, lightweight, lithium battery, and all the needed extras:  umbrella, score card, water bottle holder, and even an attachment for my phone/GPS.  The excellent price point cinched the deal.  I’ve since had some troubleshooting questions and experienced immediate, well informed answers.  With two Canadian locations in Surrey, BC and Mississauga, ON, they have been able to support me beyond expectations.  I highly recommend Caddydriver for your remote-controlled electronic golf cart.


Guylaine C., QC

Achat fait en mars 2021. Je suis très satisfaite avec le Caddy driver va très bien. J’ai eu un problème avec une pièce d’équipement qui était entièrement de ma faute après un appel au service clientèle tout à été réglé rapidement et à mon entière satisfaction. Je recommande ce produit très bien fait et facile a assembler aussi il entre dans mon coffre de voiture (Beetle décapotable) ce détail était très important pour moi.


Bob "Ace" Henry (Hole in One King), ON

After the first year of using my new Caddydriver for 86 games with no problem, I had 4 hole in ones. Love my new toy would recommend to anybody. Bob Ace Henry thanks my course is very hilly great to have.


Ben H.  Kanata, ON

I bought a CaddyDriver last November. It was delivered in less than 2 weeks and was quite easy to set up – just followed the YouTube videos. I think it cost about half what I would have paid for a similarly featured cart would cost at GolfTown.
I have used it now about a dozen times this spring and I have been quite pleased with it.  Here are some comments:
  1. Takes up more space in my trunk than my old Sun Mountain Speed Cart but now I take the wheels off before I load it and that helps free up space. The cart is not very heavy so loading it in the trunk is easy.
  2. The lithium battery has lots of life. I have not tried to go 2 rounds on one charge because both of our courses end on uphill holes that climb 60ft and I didn’t want to get to the end of the round and have the battery die. I have tested it with the battery installed and the cart powered off and it is easy to push but heavier than a Sun Mountain cart because you are pushing the extra weight of the battery and motors. The battery seems to charge back to 100% in a few hours after one round of golf.
  3. The remote is FANTASTIC. I cannot see how people operate other carts without a remote. I bought an electric cart because I have a bad back and I wanted to take pressure off my lower back by not bending over and pushing a cart. Without the remote, I would always have to be stooped (I am 6 ft tall) over with hands on the handles to guide the cart and control the speed. The remote is an absolute must for any electric cart in my opinion. I got about 12 rounds out of a set of batteries in the remote and then the remote died mid-round… not to worry, I keep a spare pair of batteries in my golf bag so changed the batteries in half a minute. I am sure the life of the remote batteries depends on how “click happy” the operator is.
  4. Stability is good but I admit I have tipped it a couple of times. Each time I was trailing behind the cart by about 30 yards and lost perspective on the slope the cart was on. Tip: stay within a few yards of the cart so you get a good feel for the slope of the ground the cart is on. Also make sure to take hills by going straight up the fall line, start slow and gradually increase speed to climb the hill. Go slowly downhill so the cart does not bounce over any ruts it encounters in the rough.
  5. Umbrella holder, scorecard holder, water bottle holder all work great. Have not tried the seat yet because our course has put benches back out at every tee post-COVID so I don’t really need the seat.
  6. Areas for improvement: a) the little decorative colour-coded plugs keep falling out of some of the frame tubes; b) the bungee straps for attaching the bag to the cart are shorter than on my old Sun Mountain bag and the plastic clips at the end of the bungees are not as heavy duty as on the Sun Mountain bag and I have a concern they will ultimately break and need to be replaced.
Overall: a GREAT cart for the PRICE!!!!!


Allison C, ON

My husband loves it. So easy to put together and so easy to operate. Great product.


R. Buisson, QC

Je viens juste de recevoir mon nouveau caddydriver je suis très satisfait facile à assembler cela semble très solide et la livraison s’est fait en deux jours, Merci


Colette B., Vernon, BC

Bought my Caddydriver a couple weeks ago. Came in 2 days, easy set up, and i've used it 4 times and so far love it. No issues, Great deal.


Pierre et J, Brossard, QC

Achat en ligne Janvier 2021. Reçu 3 jours plus tard. 4 parties jouées. Nous sommes ébahies et enthousiasmes. Nous recommandons ce produit. Bonne saison 2021


Richard and Anny, QC

Nous avons reçu le caddydriver après seulement 3jours tres bien emballe.
Facile à monter qualité des pièces très bonnes. Pour l instant je l ai utiliser a la maison et il fonctionne parfaitement. Tres satisfait.
A comparer a ce que l on voit sur fb ce n est pas une arnaque je recommande.


Normand and Sylvie from Québec Member of Murry Bay golf club. The oldest in Canada 1876

We are very happy with our acquisition (The silver Caddydriver golf cart SR1 with lithium battery). What a beautiful machine. The engineering, the quality of the material and the service. Everything is perfect. Very friendly user to. We will make people on the golf course jealous and will be very proud to highly recommend you. So, I just want to thank you for your kindness and your availability.
Take care and thanks again.


Graham W., Vancouver, BC

I purchased this cart at the end of June and I play 5 days a week, my friends have purchased other types and they have had a lot of problems with them. I thought it was acting up but it was only weak batteries in the remote so no problems. I think this is the best value on the market and highly recommend. The course I play is hilly and this cart pulls me up all hills. So far so good.


Al M., Penticton, BC

This electric golf trolley performs as advertised. The price is excellent for a remote controlled cart. The nearest competitor with the similar features costs at least $500 more. It is sturdy and has lots of power to climb the hills. The remote makes life easy on the golf course. The cart folds down very easily and while not super compact is smaller and lighter than my manual push cart. Customer service was excellent. I ordered it easily online on a Friday afternoon and it arrived by noon Monday. Contact with customer service was fast and efficient. I am happy to recommend this golf cart.


Aaron H., Niagara Falls, ON

I recently ordered a CaddyDriver as a gift (to myself) and I couldn't be happier with it. The CaddyDriver team was very friendly and responsive, and when it arrived I was quite impressed with how small it folds and how light it is. It's so easy to set up and learn to use that, as soon as it was charged, I took it out on the course and loved how simple and hassle free it was to use. I would highly recommend the CaddyDriver to anyone who asks.


Keith L., Port Coquitlam, BC

I recently purchased a CaddyDriver remote control golf cart and am loving every minute of it! For those of us that love the game but struggle to drag, pull or carry your clubs this is the greatest thing since sliced bread - maybe even better!!! The remote control allows you to move your clubs in every direction and you can have the clubs come to you instead of you going to them! It saves you energy so that you can apply it to those critical shots that will improve your overall game. Every golfer, regardless of caliber needs to have one of these!!! The only difference between owning one of these and having a personal caddy is that the caddydriver doesn't talk (and that could be a good thing)!!


Joey S., Surrey, BC

I love my caddy driver, it is light weight to get in and out of cars and opens and folds easily!!! No issues yet.


Jim H., Surrey, BC

I was a little skeptical to begin with, but the ease of use has won me over. I prefer to walk the course whenever I can, and with my caddydriver, I never have any concerns about having to push my clubs up the hills. It's so handy to grab my putter and have my clubs meet me on the other side of the green!


Mike C., Windsor, ON

Thanks Caddydriver for making the game more enjoyable. I had a standard 3 wheel push cart and just hated pushing it around so I ended up using a riding cart more often. My wife purchased the Caddydriver for a retirement present for me. After she purchased my Caddydriver remote cart I am walking 98% of the time. I am not tired after a round like I was pushing my 3 wheeled cart around. It is just like having a caddie which I have done on many occasions. One of my playing partners also bought a Caddydriver and loves it. The other guys have a different make and model and are going to get a Caddydriver driver cart when theirs are finished. Thanks again Caddydriver and keep up the good work.


Jami K., ON

I just bought my CaddyDriver this season. I’m waiting for knee replacement I tried pushing my cart last year and it was just to hard on my knee. I’ve used the CaddyDriver for six rounds so far this year and this thing is amazing all I have to do is limp around behind it. I thought it would be hard to control but it’s so easy and for the seat its perfect we’ll I’m waiting for my buddies to hit I take a break lol. Another friend of mine has the same cart he didn’t get the lithium battery he has to charge his after every round he said.l bought the lithium and even after 27 I still have enough to get me through another 9 if not more.  Our course is flat and not long but I would recommend getting the lithium battery. In closing I just have to say this cart is going to make my summer a lot nicer and no I don’t work for them lol. Thanks CaddyDriver!